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Episode 6 · 1 month ago

Local Author Tina Talbot

My guest this week is local author Tina Talbot. We discus how she started writing and the inspiration for the Survival Super Squad and her books. We also discover there is more to these children books then a lovely story and beautiful illustrations and how these books link to Greek mythology, History, English Classical Literacy and Donald Trump.

For more information on Tina and Surival Super Squad CLICK HERE 

Episode 5 · 1 month ago

Satisfied Eye International Film Festival

We spoke to Ellen Cummings regarding the Satisfied Eye International Film Festival which is taking place at the Odeon Luxe Cinema in Epsom on the 9th Oct till 11th Oct. For more details and to book your tickets visit 

Also What to star in a Web series, being filmed in Epsom? If so email for more details.

Episode 4 · 2 months ago

Teddy the Dachshund

When Teddy was 5 years old he developed Intervertebral disc disease, or IVDD, which is a common condition in the spine that causes back pain, partial loss of function in the limbs, and in more severe cases like Teddy’s paralysis and loss of feeling. After a operation by Fitzpatrick’s, Supervet from the TV. He is up and running around with his own set of wheels. We met up with Teddy and his owner to find out what happened.